farm to fridge, to food bank.

Supporting our local community has always been at the forefront of what we do. Each Mama Gaia Smart Fridge contains only locally-sourced, or locally-made, meals and beverages. They're made with you in mind; ready to power you through your day, and take care of you in the process—but don’t worry if they miss their chance. Every unpurchased meal goes right back to the community and is immediately donated to a local food bank.

it all starts here.

We've teamed up with your neighbors to provide you with only the freshest, high-quality ingredients possible. Everything is non-GMO, mostly organic, and guaranteed delicious. We keep our footprint small, but the impact on our community is far greater.

made with you in mind.

From the farm, everything goes into a Mama Gaia Smart Fridge. You'll notice every food and beverage item is locally-sourced. Why? We like to make sure you're getting the freshest items possible. Plus, we're all about supporting businesses big and small doing their part to provide people with good, clean food.

keep it local.

Everyone deserves access to good food. So even if all the meals don't make it to your table, we make sure they go to someone in need. We're partnered with our local superheroes, Community Ministry and Bienvenidos Food Bank, to put the goodness from the farm back out to the entire community.

feeling hungry?

We're happy to fix that.

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