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Keep Students (and Parents) Happy

Stand out among campuses by offering students fresh, healthy food, available 24/7/365, without needing an extra onsite staff.

Fresh, healthy meals, right when students need it.

Keep students on campus by offering our endlessly evolving menu of fresh, locally-sourced paninis, salads, kombucha, overnight oats, cold brew coffee, sandwiches, healthy snacks and sweets, and more.

Flexible pricing built into campus meal plans.

We would love to integrate your campus meal plan into our app process. Offer subsidized meals, discounts, and specials to heighten engagement. Inquire for more information.

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Integrate Your Campus Meal Plans

App-based transaction can integrate with any meal plan and keep your students engaged while staying on campus.

Open 24/7/365

With no onsite staff needed. Mama Gaia serves up fresh and healthy food for you and your crew, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dorm Ready

Lots of good food, little space taken: our fridges are 25 " W x 23 " D x 72 " H. They're on wheels and can fit in virtually any lobby, without taking up much space.

This might just be
the fridge of your dreams.