How does the technology work?

We use Artificial Intelligence to track our inventory. This means that your experience using our Smart Fridges is as seamless as possible. Simply walk up to the fridge, unlock the door via the QR Code, grab what you want, and get on with your day.

Can I choose what's in the fridge?

Please do! Any and all feedback via our app will directly affect our stocking algorithms, always ensuring that the food you like best in the fridge is always there waiting for you.

What are your hours of operation?

Our fridges are open 24/7.
Reach out to us via email, and we'll ensure a response within 24 hours.

How do I get one in my building?

Hop on our waitlist, or reach out to us directly. If you're an interested customer, ask your landlord or office manager about Mama Gaia.

What does it cost?

For day-to-day customers, our food is similar to that of a grocery store. Sandwiches and salads typically run $5-9, drinks run $3-5, etc.
For businesses, our service fee is negotiable, based on your needs. Reach out, and we guarantee we can find something that works.

I'm unsure if my transaction went through. Where is my receipt?

You should receive a notification of purchase on your phone once you've shut the door after grabbing an item. You will receive a detailed receipt with the item purchased within 24 hours.

How do I unlock the door?

On the door of the fridge, you'll notice a QR code. Please scan this code, which will prompt you to download our app. Our app ensures that you have the most seamless grab-and-go experience possible. Imagine, being late for your next meeting, and being able to grab your cold brew coffee without taking a step out of your day.

What do I do when I've grabbed a food item and want to complete the transaction?

Simply shut the fridge door. We know - it's almost too simple.

feeling hungry?

We're happy to fix that.

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