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Five Unique Alternatives to a Vending Machine in 2020

If you work in student services, you’ve likely come across an endless wealth of options when it comes to amenities for your students. Vending machines have long been seen as the quick, timeless option to offer your tenants a quick bite, without adding any hassle to your busy schedule.

During this COVID era, vending machines have seen a renewed resurgence. As your students have been forced to turn their kitchens or living rooms into home offices, a vending machine's low-contact capability to offer your students what they really need is almost unparalleled. Vending machines are an undervalued method of bringing food onto your campus without compromising safety.

However, most vending machines are filled with horribly unhealthy, over-processed junk, and even most of the "healthy" vending options seem more like a lesser evil than an actual whole food option. Surprisingly, in this age of automation and innovation, finding a suitable vending option for your tenants takes some searching and finessing.

Luckily, we're here for you. We've compiled a list of the most unique and amazing vending machines on the market, that your students will truly love:
1. The Biblio-Mat

Are you a bibliophile? Even if you are, there's no way you've ever grabbed your favorite book from a vintage vending machine. The Biblio-Mat is a custom-built machine that dispenses random and unique books to customers for $2 each. See how it works here.
2. Cupcake ATM

This might be your new favorite ATM - except instead of dispensing cash, you're getting a different kind of treat. For cupcake addicts, Sprinkles Cupcake ATM is restocked daily with fresh cupcakes and cookies, available 24/7. Find a location near you.
3. Le Bread Xpress

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh baked bread? With Le Bread Xpress, you can get just that, without needing any onsite kitchen. Their vending-style machine is essentially a "micro-bakery," offering up everything from a baguette to a pizza, on-demand and open 24/7. Learn more about the technology here.
4. Uniqlo-To-Go

Perfect for those days when you spill coffee all over your shirt right before an important meeting, Uniqlo has built a very unique type of vending machine that dispenses new clothing on demand. Placed mostly in airports and malls across the US, these vending machines are stocked with a few of their most popular items, ready when you need them. Get a T-Shirt on the go.
5. Mama Gaia

Last, let’s take a quick look at why universities and colleges choose Mama Gaia. We might be a little biased, but we shamelessly think our solution is pretty amazing.

Support: Our service may be a form of cashier-less retail, but you'll never be without attentive (human) service that's here for you the moment you need us.
Small enough to fit anywhere: Our fridges are on wheels and can be easily relocated anywhere in a building. Its dimensions are approximately 25 " W x 23 " D x 72" H, meaning that it's small enough to fit anywhere, but big enough to catch the eyes of your students.
Easy, hassle-free contract: No long-term commitment required! Join our waitlist now to make sure you get Mama Gaia free, forever.

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