Simple Tricks to Balance Your Diet and Control Portion Size

         Over the last forty years, our portion sizes have increased significantly – meaning what we put on our plate looks much different than it previously did. With fast foods aplenty and unhealthy options available everywhere, through pick-up or through a delivery service, it’s harder than ever to make the right choice of what to eat. In terms of maintaining a healthy diet, the substance of what you eat isn’t the only fundamental factor; the size of your plate is just as crucial.

         Adults nowadays consume an average of three-hundred more calories per day than they did in 1985. This sole fact definitely gives fuel to the rumors you’ve possibly heard about American portions being the largest. But are they rumors? Ninety-two percent of American restaurant meals are made up of too many calories, and this includes chain and non-chain restaurants. As Americans, we’re accustomed to a certain amount of food per meal. It’s unavoidable: the larger the portion, the larger the amount of calories.

         Choosing a healthier option – avoiding fast foods and unhealthy restaurants – is definitely a valiant start down the right path. However, it’s best to ensure your healthier option isn’t doubled in amount. When you’re in the midst of devouring a large meal, ask yourself: are you eating it all because you don’t want it to go to waste? Are you eating it all because it won’t be as delicious as a leftover? (A true dilemma!) Most importantly – are you eating it all because you’re hungry...or bored? Of course, different bodies need different amounts of nourishment. A more active person, for example, is typically hungrier than someone who isn’t as active. This is why it’s important to check in with yourself. But if you’re the kind of person who needs guidance, serving size recommendations are out there!

         One way to control your portions is to eat on the go, which might be a usual practice for the busiest of us. Grabbing quick, healthy meals that are proportioned correctly ensures you’re eating just what you need and nothing more. Try the organic marche salad or the root vegetable & goat cheese wrap from Vert Kitchen. Eating three healthy sized meals a day further helps you avoid overeating and overcompensating for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Maintain a healthy balance! Another way to avoid out-of-control meal portions is to eat wholesome snacks throughout the day. One example is raw fruits or vegetables – try the organic fruit cup from Vert Kitchen. If you’re in the mood or something sweeter, try an almond butter protein bar from Bobo’s Oat Bars. Don’t deny yourself of snacks, and you’ll be less likely to overgorge at dinnertime.

         In your diet and in life, it’s all about balance. The foods, and the amounts we consume, have a considerable effect on our health. We’re all different, so always ensure you’re eating the vital amount for you. More importantly, make sure you’re checking in on yourself and staying healthy out there!

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