Happiness and Boredom During Self-Quarantine

The world is in a trying time, and most of us are under strict orders to stay at home. While confinement takes on different meanings for everyone, one thing we can all use is a reset – a time to refresh and recharge, to take a beat from the outside world. Your schedule has changed, your life has changed, and a lot of us are left putting the pieces back together of this sudden paradigm-shift. 

However, with a shift of perspective, there are opportunities to be gained from this odd period of isolation as well. In the midst of all the anxiety and instability, here are some activities and tips to help you during your self-quarantine.

Organize your mind. Living in such a demanding, hectic world, it’s rare for most of us to have the time to check in with ourselves. But taking care of your mental state is crucial, now more than ever. When there’s nothing left but hours and more hours, try organizing your thoughts. Write in a journal or document your feelings on a daily basis. It sounds inconsequential, but it’s therapeutic! To ensure mental strength in a lonely time, make sure you’re challenging yourself mentally in some way – whether it’s jotting down your thoughts or reading one of the books on your bedside table you’ve never opened.

Organize and clean your living space. Work, deadlines, responsibilities, and stress get in the way, and our homes become the dumping ground for everything cluttered in our lives – not just inanimate objects. Your happiness is often a reflection of your home’s happiness. Happy homes are organized and clean! Tidy up those closets, cabinets, and shelves. Clear out that catch-all space where there’s a pile of shoes collecting. Go through the receipts and random items shoved into that overstuffed junk drawer. And when the sun rises, you’ll wake up feeling less stressed knowing that things are in order.

Stay active. Try a variety of at-home workouts, some of which are simple yet effective. Avoid the germs of a gym or group workouts and use your living room floor as a yoga space, for example. Attempt a workout you’ve never tried! Touching back on mental health and organizing the mind – meditation goes hand-in-hand with yoga and can positively affect your mood. And if your city allows it, go for a hike or a walk. There’s no more important time to get fresh air and vitamin D than now, but it’s vital to distance yourself as much as possible when venturing out.

Maintain your diet. This is less of an activity and more of a tip. When you’re on episode ten of that show you really love and you grab a snack from your pantry, it’s hard to not eat it all by the show’s end. Ask yourself, am I really hungry? Being trapped indoors can cause even the most resistant of us to eat out of sheer boredom. For a smaller, healthier snack, try Bobo’s Oat Bars. Remember the valiant efforts you’ve made and make on a daily basis to stay healthy. Don’t let this time of uncertainty permeate into your diet as well! If you’re craving noodles, try a healthy alternative like Pressery Ramen. In the mood for a sandwich? Try something fresh like Etai’s Cashew Chicken Salad.

Uncertainty is in the air, and we should all be more cautious, practicing healthy safety measures while also allowing our lives to go on. It’s a balance, but it’s critical we stick to it. Stay your most productive self, stay you, and most importantly – stay home! 

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