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We believe good food should be easy.

That's why we empower businesses to provide its people fresh,
locally-sourced meals and snacks, without an onsite kitchen or staff.

Residential Communities

Attract and retain tenants with a unique amenity that'll make you stand out from your competition.

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Keep students (and parents) happy by providing fresh, healthy meals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Hospitals & Healthcare

You work better when you're nourished. Enjoy fresh food without taking a step out of your day.

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our light is always on.

Our on-demand technology makes
grabbing a bite as easy as pie.
Simply scan the QR code,
grab, & go.

Find the nearest fridge

Open the app to see the closest Mama Gaia fridge to your location, or request a new fridge.

Check live inventory

Want a certain sandwich that isn't at your closest fridge? Take a peak at the inventory in other fridges located in your city.

Connect with your favorite vendors

Want to personalize the menu of your fridge? Review and heart items that you like.

Unlock the door to purchase

Use the QR code on the fridge door to unlock, grab, & go! You're only charged for what you take.

All of our food is sourced locally.

You can check every label in a Mama Gaia fridge. It's all sourced from small food brands sprouting up in your home state.

All leftovers are donated to local food banks.

That's right: we're zero food waste. We've partnered with local food banks (the real heroes) to supply all leftover food products to those in need.

This might just be
the fridge of your dreams.

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